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Promasidor Nigeria's Jollof Rice Challenge

Everybody loves Jollof, so when it came to determining the best cook between the Marketing Manager and the Commercial Director of Promasidor Nigeria, what better meal to choose?

What started off as a joke amongst the two got escalated into a real cooking competition that will determine the better cook of the duo. And with the impending launch of the new Onga Ginger, Onion and Garlic variant (Onga GOG), it was the perfect opportunity to test the product as well.

A three-man panel of Judges oversaw the very interesting competition where they both cooked a full meal of Jollof Rice with Chicken & Fried Plantain. When they finished exhibiting their culinary skills, the audience, which also had the MD in attendance rushed to have a taste.

Though Marketing Manager, Abiodun Ayodeji scored the higher mark for taste, the Commercial Director, Festus Tettey's jollof won on all other parameters set by the judges and was thus declared the winner of the competition.

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