Learn how to make efo riro with this recipe!

COOK TIME 40 mins
PREP TIME 10 mins


Efo riro is a loved soup in South West Nigeria. Learn how to make this delicious recipe as prepared by our guest chef on Ongacious Show. The key ingredient is the efo tete leaves (spinach). The leaves contain a good amount of dietary fibre and are a good source of vitamin K.


  • 1kg beef
  • 1 kg Kpomo
  • 3 Pieces Tomatoes
  • 7 Pieces Scotch Bonnet Peppers
  • 28g Efo Tete (spinach)
  • 1 Wrap Dadawa
  • 2 Csp Palm Oil
  • 2 Csp Ground Crayfish
  • 2 Pieces Dry Fish
  • 2 Pieces Stock Fish
  • 6g ONGA Chicken Powder
  • 6g ONGA Classic Powder
  • 1 Onion Bulb
  • Salt to taste

    1. Wash the beef properly with salt.
    2. Season with ONGA Chicken Powder, salt and onions. Set on fire and allow to cook for 20 minutes
    3. Wash pepper (atarodo), tomatoes and onions. Blend and set aside
    4. Boil water for the stock fish
    5. Pluck your vegetable (Efo Tete), slice and set aside
    6. Wash and debone the dry catfish and set aside
    7. Slice the kpomo (cow skin), wash thoroughly and add into the pot containing the beef
    8. Wash the Efo Tete leaves properly using warm water
    9. Wash the Iru (Locust Beans) thoroughly
    10. Pour palm oil into a clean pot and allow to fry.
    11. Add the blended tomatoes, pepper and onions. Allow to cook
    12. Remove the beef and extract its stock.
    13. Add the stock into the pot with ONGA Chicken Powder and Iru (Locust Beans), stir and allow to cook for 15 minutes.
    14. Pour the beef, ponmo, dry catfish and stockfish into the pot.
    15. Add ground crayfish, vegetable (Efo Tete), ONGA Classic Powder, stir and allow to simmer for 2 minutes
    16. Serve Efo Riro with Semo or Fufu